Quick Specs

Beach House Quick Specs

Dimensions: 6′ x 12′ with Utility Hutch over trailer tongue

Square Feet: 72

Weight: 2500 lbs

Foundation: Bolted to the trailer frame is a sandwich of vapor barrier, 2×2 framing (lined with Tyvek for additional vapor barrier), R-13 insulation and 1/2″ plywood.

Single Axle: rated at 2900 lbs .

Roof: Gable Roof, Insulated, A-Panel Steel Roofing

Walls: 2×2 rough framing with 3/8 inch plywood exterior sheathing wrapped in Tyvek vapor barrier, Fiberglass Insulation.

Windows: Custom with screens.

Kitchen: Full size standard stainless steel sink, AC Shurflow water pump installed under sink on its own switch, 4.4 cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator with Freezer, Lots of storage

Shower: Portable electric camp shower.

Sleeping area: Full size bed, windows on three sides to view the stars and fresh breeze, storage underneath

Closet: 2’3″ Wide x 4’7″ Height x 14.5″ Deep for hanging clothes and folded items in the bottom

Work area: Cabinet with work top, storage inside cabinet, book shelf above and cabinets to the side for pantry or work items. The corrugated metal is sealed and holds magnets

Lighting: Directional Custom lighting where you need it.

Exterior access: 6 gallon water tank and 5 gallon propane tank access door.

Toilet: Composting bucket style toilet

Cooking: Camp stove to be used on counter or outside.