Tiny House Quick Specs

Tiny House Quick Specs

House: 22′ 2″L x 8 1/2′ W x 13’H

Square Feet: 248sf includes 2 lofts

Foundation:  25 1/2′ trailer frame.

Bolted to the trailer frame is a sandwich of vapor barrier, 2×4 framing (lined with Tyvek for additional vapor barrier), R-13 insulation and 1/2″ plywood. The 2×4 framework was built in 3 sections then bolted together. The foundation “sandwich” is bolted to  and through the trailer frame. The same with the wall framing…built in 3 sections on the north and south sides, bolted together and then bolted to the frame.

Double Axles: (with brakes) rated at 5,000 lbs each.

Roof: Shed style roof. Rafters 2×4 2’oc with birds mouth cut locking in the walls.

5/8 OSB sheathing, R-Panel Steel Roofing, almond

Walls: 2×4 2’oc rough framing with 3/8 inch plywood exterior sheathing wrapped in Tyvek vapor barrier.

Glazing: All windows and french door are new energy efficient

Design: Passive Solar. Allows for the kitchen area to accommodate a kitchen sink, front loading washing machine, full stove/oven and refrigerator.

The bathroom has a roughed in wall with doorway and is dry fitted for a shower, sink and toilet drains.

Lofts: Two lofts, a main loft and a smaller loft for a twin bed or storage.