Tiny Business on Wheels?

cartoon--Towing-A-Tiny-House-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationGreat Opportunity Here

Think of all the benefits that will be yours as a mobile entrepreneur.

Build a standout business in a standout building.

Mobile entrepreneurship is not limited to food vendors.

Benefits of a mobile enterprise: Low overhead costs vs brick and mortar, no or low taxes, mobility, no landlord….as an alternative to traditional brick and mortar shops, mobile shops are increasing in popularity.

Can you imagine having the freedom of making an income anywhere? Being your own boss? Calling the shots?

Here are a few ideas:• Airbnb
• ePublisher or author
• Freelance writer, Copywriter, Travel Writer
• Photographer, Videographer
• PC Tech, Graphic Design, Web Developer, Podcast Creator
• Day Trader or stock investor
• Tax Prep
• Online Academic Instructor/tutor
• Fitness Gym, Yoga Studio, Meditation Studio, Body Work Studio
• Flower Shop, Coffee Shop, Retail Clothing Shop, Gallery, Gift Shop
• Information Specialist, Consultant
• Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Pet Grooming

… Imagine… Possibilities unlimited.

This unfinished tiny building on wheels is ready for you to create whatever business you imagine.