Innovative Options


Where it all started. Pure Potential.

Because you are viewing this site I’m assuming you have seen other Tiny House On Wheels websites and possibly the Tiny House Nation on TV and have seen the multitude of innovative options for floor plan, use of space, sleeping…the list goes on.

The same is true for this tiny house. Some ideas for example:

Step up storage alternatives to ladders for loft access.

Murphy beds or sectional boxes for sleeping on the main floor.

To extend the kitchen one could put the refrigerator above the wheel well box out or a pull up counter.

Building your kitchen counter at a custom 39″ instead of the standard 36″ will accommodate a front load washing machine.

Installing a compost toilet instead of a flush toilet.

Wired electrically for on or off-grid (Solar or grid tied).

There are endless possibilities to suit your needs.

Thanks for checking out my site and my tiny house for sale. Be well and happy.