Finishing the Tiny House

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Create Your Home

I understand some potential home owners would be daunted at the idea of finishing the tiny house on wheels by themselves. If you can read, research, ask questions-you CAN do it. There are so many resources online THOW Guidelines, International Building Codes, Tiny House Community, Tiny House Talk…and the list goes on.

My guestimate is that depending on choice of materials and if you do most or some of the work yourself, the tiny house can be move in ready for under $5,000. That allows for a low cost home under $20,000 for you.

Where To Start

Siding would be my first recommendation. I have a lead on rusty corrugated metal available in a couple of months. There are so many options. It depends on the style you want for the tiny house i.e. contemporary, cabin, cottage…And the type of materials you want to work with and of course your budget. Your trim will be determined by your siding material(s).

Then you can move inside, run electric, gas and water lines. This isn’t tough. First decide  the locations for electrical receptacles, lighting and ceiling fan if you wish, gas and water lines.

Electric:  Build a utility box outside on the tongue end for the breaker box and tank-less water heater. The tiny can be wired for AC and/or DC (solar). On or off-grid or both.

Gas: Gas lines will be a short run for water heater, stove, refrigerator and heater if you choose.

Water lines: I recommend pex for the water lines (available at Home Depot). The bath and kitchen are in close proximity making this run very short. All that needs to be plumbed is the bathroom shower, sink, toilet (if you have a flush toilet), and kitchen sink. It could be hooked up just like an RV with water hookup.

Drains: The grey water drains are already dry fitted as well as a toilet flange for black water.

This is a personal choice. Again there are so many options now. If you want to stay green check out this natural wool insulation. In the ceiling, as I understand it, if closed cell foam is used there is no need for venting. I have some ideas how to do this without the mess.

For other options go to

Do you like the look of hardwood? Easy to maintain if finished right. I really like this tiny house on wheels built by an Australian boat builder. Check it out. It has beautiful wood floors. But options are purely personal and abundant.

Wall and Ceiling Covering
The walls are now ready for your choice of wall covering(s). Again you have so many options. Even shake it up and juxtapose different materials i.e. reclaimed wood, tongue and groove, metal, drywall. Your imagination is your materials box.

Cabinets, Fixtures and Appliances
Again these are personal taste and choice. If the kitchen counter is built at a custom 39″ instead of the standard 36″ that is enough space to accommodate a front loading washing machine. Options to extend the kitchen; building over the box out for the wheel well, hinged pull up counter, pull up when you need it, down when you don’t.

For easy access to the main loft, a step up storage/closet could be built over the wheel well box out. Or I have an idea about a block and pulley system like a dumbwaiter. I still like that idea.

Move In if you haven’t already.

Innovative Options for floor plan, use of space, sleeping…the list goes on.