Life As Art • Living Creatively

 My latest contrarian act.

The Beach House On Wheels.

Yours for $12,500

I have been asked “Why a beach house? Are you going to park it by the beach?” My response, “The beach house is an attitude thing. Where ever the beach house dweller is they will be at the beach. And the beach house isn’t about parking, it’s about traveling, exploring, living, unlike larger tiny houses on wheels which are built to move but not necessarily travel.
Contrarian Plan: Building the beach house was born from love of the idea “living as art, home as art”. I accomplished that goal in materials and approach. I am an artist. There is no difference between who I am and what I do.

I admit also in the forefront of my mind was the thought as long as I had the beach house I would never be homeless. Homelessness is a valid fear. I see the homeless everywhere. The possibility scares the hell out of me.

My mantra is “base no decision on fear”. Now that the beach house is completed and at age 62, it is clear to me that selling the BH gets me closer to my personal long term goals of travel abroad, writing and photography than if I were to live in her. Travel, writing and photography are my passions and my goals are an experiment in making an income following those passions. Fear of not realizing my goals is stronger than the fear of homelessness. I am looking at this transition as downsizing even further to realize the freedom and resilience I seek.

Some time, in the future, when I am ready to settle again, I have the confidence and skills to build whatever I desire at that time in my contrarian life.

And it will be life as art, home as art.