Best Price! Tiny House on Wheels



Tiny Business/ Home on Wheels, Arizona

Opportunity is knocking!

Buy this exceptional tiny house now.

It’s more than worth the $.

What is your home worth to you?

A house is more than a structure. It’s a home. Home is defined by the lives that dwell within. Do any of the following words define the feeling “at home” for you? Sanctuary, paradise, retreat, safe shelter, family center, functional space, warm, comfortable, friendly environment, the place you are free to be you.


The place you feel free to be who you are…

If you believe life should be more than go to work, come home hopefully to regenerate for the next day of work, then possibly a tiny house is for you. Less overhead means less hours you need to work to pay the mortgage. It means more time, freedom and funds to explore the things that bring you joy, fun, pleasure, to focus on those you want to spend that time with. Less also means taking up a smaller ecological footprint on our planet. Being conscious with integrity in how we live. Conscious of our impact that ripple effects infinitely.

I invite you to explore and contemplate your meaning of home while investigating this tiny house on wheels. I built this home with the intention of selling unfinished (keeping the cost to you low) allowing you to create that feeling of “at home” for yourself.



6 thoughts on “Best Price! Tiny House on Wheels

  1. How much work is need on this tiny house,like do you have anything done on inside or tell me is this just the shell with nothing in it.


  2. Hey Pat, I am an Oregon resident but still interested in your Tiny house despite the distance. Do you still have it? If so what trailer, insulation, and permitting have you used? Would it be road worthy for that trip? (Does it have siding) is there insulation so I could stay in it on my way back up? Lastly, how much does it currently weigh?


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