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Tiny Business or Home on Wheels, Arizona

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What is your home worth to you?

A house is more than a structure. It’s a home. Home is defined by the lives that dwell within. Read more…


Mobile Entrepreneur

Being a mobile entrepreneur is not limited to food vendors. Build a standout business in standout building.

Benefits of a mobile enterprise: Low overhead costs vs brick and mortar, no or low taxes, mobility, no landlord….as an alternative to traditional brick and mortar shops, mobile shops are increasing in popularity. Read More…

specifications_bannerTiny House Quick Specs

House: 22′ 2″L x 8 1/2′ W x 13’H

Square Feet: 248sf includes 2 lofts

Foundation:  25 1/2′ trailer frame.

Bolted to the trailer frame is a sandwich of vapor barrier, 2×4 framing (lined with Tyvek for additional vapor barrier), R-13 insulation and 1/2″ plywood. The 2×4 framework was built in 3 sections then bolted together. The foundation “sandwich” is bolted to  and through the trailer frame. The same with the wall framing…built in 3 sections on the north and south sides, bolted together and then bolted to the frame. Read More




About Me

My name is Pat Quest. As my last name suggests “Quest” has been integral to the paths in my life. Learning, exploring, experiencing, pushing my own limits. I’m the kind of person who needs to see what’s around the corner.

Tiny, alternative living has been my norm for approx. 11 years. When living in Anacortes, Washington, before moving to southern Arizona 11 years ago, I totally, and I mean totally renovated a 1920’s fisherman’s cottage...Read more

cropped-cropped-6194203.jpgFeatures: Tiny House On Wheels

This passive solar micro-home on wheels hosts 248 sq.ft of open, bright, comfortable living space.

I am selling this well-constructed home (constructed following International Building Codes , THOW Guidelines  and DMV Regulations  to…Read More

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Benefits for You

Benefits of Micro Living

Does size matter?

It does when it comes to the growing real-estate trend of “micro homes.” Read More…