New Zoning For Tiny Houses

New Zoning For Tiny Houses

The City of Fresno, California enacted a new Development Code in November 2015 which is very favorable to tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels on single family residential lots of 6000 sq ft or more (5000 sq ft if corner lot) as secondary dwelling units.

Backyard cottage, studio, guesthouse, RV? However, wherever tiny houses on wheels are defined, if a tiny house is a solution for you, then their is a solution to find a place that works for you. Be creative.

For a complete copy of the relevant sections of the City of Fresno Development code go to

What does this mean for everywhere else? Here is a website by the American Tiny House Association identifies codes for different areas of the country. Hopefully Fresno has set precedence for what we might see for future tiny house zoning across the country.

Be an advocate for change

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I believe many people do not understand the cost of building a tiny house. I hear my parents’ voices in my head “I can’t believe the astronomical cost of materials!”. Virtually it costs just as much to build a tiny as it does a traditional house. Maybe even more having the additional challenge of building on a chassis. My tiny is well built, aesthetically pleasing and FUNCTIONAL. Does that sound like a good choice to you?


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