Tiny House Quality Features

This passive solar micro-home on wheels hosts 248 sq.ft of open, bright, comfortable living space.


Tiny House Passive Solar Design, Southeast Face

I am selling this well-constructed home for the low, low price of $14,900,(constructed following International Building Codes , THOW Guidelines  and DMV Regulations  to transport without a permit) unfinished allowing the new homeowner to make it their own. The hard work is done.

The strong structure, sound foundation and quality materials are ready for your finishing  touches, whether that be a quaint cottage or a contemporary feel. In the photo above, you will see the house is wrapped in Tyvek vapor barrier ready for the siding of your choice. There are a lot of options: painted steel roofing (no maintenance), re-purposed rusted corrugated steel, tongue and groove or ship lap, hardy board (a little heavy but strong), vinyl, T 1-11…


Tiny House Interior Facing Southeast

Upon entering through the standard 36″ x 82″ French door, one is surprised to experience the airy spaciousness feel of the design. Lofts on either end of the home allow for 11 ft. from floor to ceiling in the center of the home. The East loft accommodates a queen size bed and the West loft accommodates a single bed or storage area. Options for sleeping on the main floor: Murphy bed above the north wheel well box out, 2 piece boxed sectional during the day serves as a sofa, pushed together at night is a bed with storage inside, a futon or build a platform for a mattress with dresser and storage below. There are lots of ideas and variations on Pinterest or take a look at bed options at Tiny House Giant Journey.

Passive solar design, with most of the glazing on the south and east provides optimal solar gain when the house in positioned southward and slightly east. As you can see the large windows and french door invites the outdoor into the  interior space and vice-versa. That is if open space and great views are important to you.


Tiny House Foundation. Vapor barrier on both the bottom and top of the 2×4 framework.

The foundation begins with a 25 1/2′ trailer frame, (the house is 22′ 2″) double axles(with brakes) rated at 5,000 lbs each. Bolted to the trailer frame is a sandwich of vapor barrier, 2×4 framing (lined with Tyvek for additional vapor barrier), R-13 insulation and 1/2″ plywood. The 2×4 framework was built in 3 sections then bolted together. The foundation “sandwich” is bolted to  and through the trailer frame. The same with the wall framing…built in 3 sections on the north and south sides, bolted together and then bolted to the frame.


Tiny House Structure/ Inner bones before it was dried in.

To prevent racking during transport and to add additional strength, Simpson Tie structural steel strapping was screwed to the exterior of the wall sheathing. In moving the BTHD to the front of the property from where I was building it with my little Ford Ranger I was nicely surprised and rewarded. I experienced no racking or movement of any kind other than forward and reverse to position the house where I wanted it with no problem at all. It felt well balanced with no downward pull on my hitch.


Structural strapping prevents racking during transport.


Tiny House Bath Wall with West Loft


The bathroom, on the west and tongue end of the house, is dry fitted for grey water drains i.e. a corner shower (like you would find at Home Depot or Lowes), a sink center and  a flange for toilet black water to the right.

On the left and east of the bathroom wall below the window, a grey water drain is dry fitted for the kitchen sink. With a custom counter height of 39″ there is room for a front loading washing machine. Opposite wall allows for a full size stove/oven and an under the counter refrigerator an upright fridge.

_1174096 (1).jpgRoof Construction began with the rafters utilizing birds mouth cuts on both ends to lock into the walls for added strength,then fastened with hurricane ties.



Next, 5/8″ OSB, roof felt, flashing and finished with almond colored painted steel. Now that the house has its hat and is wrapped with Tyvek (the bottom edge of the wall sheathing and trailer frame are flashed as well) the house is dried in.

I invite and challenge you to stand in the doorway, hold onto the walls and try to shake it. I’ve already given it the test. It doesn’t MOVE!!!! I’m asking $16,000. Seems like the prices of tiny houses are all over the board. I know what I have into it. I know it’s worth every penny. I know cause I built it. And I’m excited to see the new homeowners faces.


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