Tiny House Offers 17 Liveabilty Checklist

Tiny House Offers 17 Liveabilty Checklist

17_Things_Items_Archive_-_LiveabilityLet’s See If The Tiny House on Wheels Passes the Test

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Tiny House on Wheels Checklist

        1. Climate Zone: Park it where you want to be.
        2. Living Locally: Where/what is local for you? It’s your choice! Living the lives you want to live
        3. Orientation: Passive Solar Design of the Tiny when positioned facing south and slightly east will provide optimal solar gain in the winter (when you really want it) and relief from the blazing sun in the summer.
        4. Cross Ventilation: The upper loft windows, when open, create a convection air circulation, pulling in cool air from the lower windows and pulling it up and out.
        5. Zoning: Always check out zoning in your district. But this is where you can be creative.
        6. Insulation: There are so many options to insulate the Tiny. Go green with wool. Of course there is rigid foam, blow in closed cell foam, fiberglass. I have even contemplated plastic grocery bags. Be warm, be cooool.
        7. Density of Building Materials: Passive design can provide delightful natural comfort, and reduce or even eliminate the need for artificial heating or cooling energy.
        8. Windows: New energy efficient glazing on all the windows and door.
        9. Shading or Sun Control: Again, It was important to me to incorporate passive solar design in the Tiny to reduce energy needs. Once parked, an add on porch will enhance the passive effect, not to mention increase your living space.
        10. Energy efficient cooling/ heating devices. There are choices: small marine wood stoves, wall mounted and fireplace propane heaters…
        11. Energy efficient lighting: Your choice. http://www.energy.gov/public-services/homes/saving-electricity/lighting
        12. Efficient Hot Water System: In my design I have allowed for a utility box on the tongue end of the Tiny to house an on demand hot water heater.
        13. Solar PV System: The tiny can be wired for on or off-grid or both. The shed roof style is perfect for mounting panels or harvesting water.
        14. Low Water Garden: I hope you will consider implementing a low water garden wherever you plant the Tiny. We should all be conscious of our water use and our planet and our role in the big picture.
        15. Water Efficiency Devices: Think about items such as shower heads, toilets, faucets. The tiny is dry fitted with a flange for a flush toilet. But I strongly recommend alternatives. There are so many new innovative composting toilets now as well as other choices.
        16. Rainwater Tanks: Rainwater collection is totally possible with the Tiny. I designed the Tiny with shed style roof for a few reasons. One of them was the most surface and ease of water collection. Check out this article rainwater harvesting for micro homes. Just as added benefit whether you live on or off-grid.
        17. Energy Rating: HERS Index  Ok, so this isn’t applicable. However, I can say  the energy features of the Tiny are it’s small space, and it’s passive solar orientation

Did The Tiny Pass? Leave Your Comments/Thoughts.


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