Solutions to Finish The Tiny House On Wheels

Claw-hammer.jpgHere’s the dichotomy. Some have suggested I do more work on the tiny house on wheels for it to sell. And they are probably right. What do you think?

This is what I think, correct me if you think I’m off on this.

Because I am an independent builder (not a manufacturer), it may be difficult for a buyer to get a loan. Like who has that kind of cash in hand? Right? So if I put more funds, which I don’t have, into doing more work on the tiny house I would have to post a higher price tag on it to cover that cost. It isn’t even doing the work, cause I like building and creating things, it’s the cost of materials. I don’t believe I will re-coop that investment because the same thought holds true…most people don’t have the means in hand to purchase without a loan . I know creative thinkers find ways. In the long run, living in a tiny house will save you $. But it’s the upfront that is a challenge to come up with.

The other drawback, may be that people don’t think they have the skills or know how to finish the tiny house. Here’s a solution. Buy the tiny house at the low price of $22,900, fund the materials and labor (negotiable), and I will do whatever work is mutually agreed upon. Or, I will work with you if geographically that is feasible. I’m open to suggestions and solutions. There’s always a way. Right?

Please contact me with you input/feedback. Please pass this link https:/// on to anyone you think might be interested. Much appreciated.

Warm Regards,



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