Tiny House On Wheels Best Value

Tiny House On Wheels Best Value

Your opportunity to buy this exceptional tiny house is now.


$14,900  The value, quality and aesthetics of the Tiny House on Wheels For Sale Arizona is worth…

Value is not always calculated monetarily. When I built the tiny house on wheels, the potential resident/owner was foremost on my mind. Read on.

The value of a home? Is it the monetary investment value of the dwelling? Or is it the value you put on the life you live in the home? Or both? I would define “value” as the investment in you.

The inherent value in the Tiny House on Wheels For Sale Arizona, I can confidently and proudly portray for you, is in it’s construction and design mindful of the user, you.

It has become clear to me that my tiny house can not compete with the lower costs of the many manufacturers that are available now. There is a glut of tiny houses for sale. Enthusiasm (a great thing) for the ideal and the movement has driven a market, perhaps a market that exceeds the demand….At least a market that is mass producing tiny homes. I find myself asking, what the quality of materials and construction is that they can be sold at such low prices? Some would answer, the manufacturers can buy in bulk, that’s why they can sell them cheaper.

I know I don’t have all the facts or answers. I do know what I put into building this tiny house; skill, thought, care, quality. I invite you to contact me. I’m happy to share what I have learned, my experience and what labor of love went into building this unique tiny house.


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