Tiny House Dwellers

Who Chooses to Live In A Tiny House

Tiny House Living

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” (Canva.com)

People of various backgrounds, ages and motivations live tiny. Read more profiles on PAD Portland Alternative Dwellings.

My reasons, as I have mentioned in earlier posts, is my personal freedom.

For others it may be:

Community Being part of something larger than themselves, aware of our impact and connectedness to others, nature and our world. Innovative Tiny House Villages forward motion in the tiny house movement. “The idea behind these villages is straightforward: bring tiny houses together in one place to create communities that share land, time together, skills, support, and other resources.” (Cat Johnson)TinyVillageHeaderBS

Time in Life For me, this is my time to live not smaller but more aware of what is truly important to me. At 60 years old, after owning homes with mortgages, raising children and high powered jobs, and now living on a tighter income, its the answer for me. For many retired people who live on fixed lower incomes it may also be the answer. Snowbirding,  second home, vacation home (lake, woods, beach) if that is what you desire, may be feasible with a tiny house on wheels.

Time for Life I see my adult kids (34 and 33) working so hard, stressed just to make the rent and feed themselves. Work has stripped them of the energy to fulfill the other needs they have as young people with potential and dreams. They can’t see their way out of the cycle. Many young people, whether single or attached are in the same cycle. It has become the American norm. The question is WHY and HOW can we change the norm to a system that celebrates the quality of individual lives.

Lifestyle As different as we all are, so are the ways we choose to walk through our lives. Like me, many are choosing to live dependent of the “system”. Here are a few stories of living off-grid. TinyLaMarCabin

Studio/Workspace/Business Think you couldn’t live in 248sf? But you would like a studio  or a workspace or need a storefront? Others are doing it.TinyMusicstore

Alternatives Check this out. Homes for the homeless. Now that’s creative problem solving.Opportunity-Village-Eugene-and-SunJack-3-889x592

Please comment and share your Whys, Hows and Reasons. What does your future look like?


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