Don’t Worry Be Happy / Pricing



Genuine Person


Affordable Home

Money isn’t everything.

But it helps.

Yes, I built the tiny house on wheels to make some money to gain forward motion in my life. That said, I understand the constraints of obtaining a loan or coming up with this chunk of change. More important to me is that all parties can come to an agreement that works for everyone, that we can feel good about and is no burden.

If you are interested in my tiny house on wheels for sale, but thought there was no way you could afford it, I encourage you to speak with me. Or if you thought you didn’t have the skills to finish it, let’s talk about that too.

There is always a solution. Permaculture teaches the solution is in the problem. Let’s solve it together.

And to quote Bob Marley

Don’t worry be Happy Every little thing is gonna to be alright.”


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