Why A Tiny House

cartoon--Towing-A-Tiny-House-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationWhere it all began.

I have owned “real houses”. Several in fact. I have renovated each of them. I learned skill through doing, researching, acquiring a library of DIY resource books, and asking lots of questions.

At this time in my life, 60 years of age, the kids are adults and living their lives, I do not desire to own a traditional home or anything that requires a payment. Debt to me is a lack of freedom, which is what I do desire. Freedom to travel, to create, to write, to experience.

The tiny house on wheels I have for sale on this blog, is the first tiny house on wheels I have built. I love it. I’d LOVE to move in. I built it to sell so that I could have a jump start on those freedoms I desire. I will build another tiny house in the future. After I have traveled, which I have wanted to do since I was 14. I would spin the family globe, close my eyes, and wherever I pointed my finger, I knew someday I would go there. My somedays are getting more important to me each day.

What point are you at in your life? Everyone has their own goals and desires. And they can change at different times in our lives. What’s important to you?

Anyone can learn the skills to work on their own home if they want to. Knowledge is everywhere for the taking. The International Building Codes are online, the Tiny House On Wheels Guidelines are also available online. People in general are happy to answer questions and share their experience, their knowledge. Everything you need to know can be researched and learned. Although, I recommend using screws and not nails. Mistakes are more easily corrected. I hear some people say “I’m not handy”. I don’t really understand that statement. I think it must be more like “I don’t like, or I don’t know where to begin”.

For me, there is a great sense of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction living in a home that I put my energies, my ideas into. Sort of corny…but my home’s soul is connected to my soul. There is a positive energy, feeling. I’ll paint the picture. It’s a windy, cold day. The kind of day it feels so cozy to be inside, sitting in a comfy chair next to the large facing southeast window with the sun warming me, reading a good book , the wind whistling in the background. That sense of home, haven, safety, the sense of being in a well built home with all that you need to be content and comfortable that is yours.




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