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I have my eye on you 🙂

For the last 6 + years I have been wanting, thinking, planning to build a tiny house on wheels. Now I have. During the tiny house open houses, the question I heard most is “What made you want to do this?” (with of hint of surprise and curiosity in their eyes).

At 60 years old and with fibromyalgia, this was a challenge for me physically. I only had help with the roofing and installing the door and windows…cause those are just things you need more than one person. And of course there was the learning curve because I had never built a tiny house on wheels before.

Ok, those were the challenges. On the flip side…it’s in my nature. Meaning I can’t help but be creative, to create something beautiful. This happens to be functional too. I get fixed on an idea and can’t let go of it till I see it come to fruition.

The other question I get second most is “Do you have a background in building?” My response “No, I have a background in self-reliance.” I was raised by a father who taught his girls to be men. Hard work and self-reliance are no strangers to me. Mostly, I’m not afraid to try.

Actually though, I have renovated 5 homes where I gained experience in many aspics of residential building including running new electric, framing and building stick additions, running water and gas lines, appliance and fixture installation, roofing, insulation, wall, window and door installation, knowing and complying with permits and codes, and the list goes on.

I am confident of this tiny house on wheel’s sound construction. Just moved it to the new place I am care-taking today and am so pleased how easy it is to move. Had to go up a steep incline, then down a steep declining dirt road. No racking, felt well balanced, no heavy tongue weight on the truck hitch, couldn’t even feel it behind the truck, then maneuvered in through a 10 1/2′ gate. Not to mention it is a hella windy day here in southern AZ.


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