About Pat

I have my eye on you 🙂


A question I am asked often is “Do you have a background in building?” My response “No, I have a background in self-reliance.” I was raised by a father who taught his girls to be men. Hard work and self-reliance are no strangers to me. Mostly, I’m not afraid to try.

Before the beach house on wheels I built and sold a 8.6′ x22′ tiny house on wheels in 2016-17. Then my neighbor asked me to build her a tack shed on wheels on a 16′ dual axle utility trailer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In between I have been in the process of building a permanent 24′ x 24′ studio for another friend, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand creative art doors for sheds and a house front entry door.

I gained experience in many aspics of residential building renovating (doing and learning myself) 5 homes including running new electric, framing and building stick additions, running water and gas lines, appliance and fixture installation, roofing, insulation, wall applications, window and door installation, knowing and complying with permits and codes, and the list goes on.



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